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New SciVation Psycho Pre-Workout Review

New SciVation Psycho Pre-Workout Review

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

Got my sample of the New SciVation Psycho pre-workout booster about a week or so ago and I really couldn’t wait to spread the word on this new booster. It was released earlier this month in in 60(5g scoop) servings tub with two featured flavors; Ragin Punch and Apple Asylum.

It is a low carbohydrate supplement with no sugar and packed with vitamins and minerals. It features a three stage delivery packed with Creatine Monohydrate, Beta-Alanine , Caffeine and L-Taurine just to name a few. The label is transparent, all the ingredients listed which is a sign of a good supplement.
The three stages are listed below:

>Stage 1 is the Blow Up Blend 1358mg per serving-Basically it’s job is to boost vascularity and give you awesome pumps.

>Stage 2 is the Limitless Muscle Blend 2500mg– This is where you get your Creatine,Beta Alanine and Taurine to help endurance, build more strength and of course give you the optimal recovery to get the best gains.

>Stage 3 is the Possessed Cognitive Blend 138mg– This is where the small amount of caffeine lies and it’s main job is to give you mental focus and that tunnel vision once you get to the gym.

This is a pre-workout supplement that is dosed from 1 to 3 scoops depending how much your body can take. You mix it with 12oz of Water/Favorite Beverage max and never take more then three scoops per day.

Very pleasing taste, not synthetic at all, you can taste the fruit punch flavor. It’s not as sweet as a real fruit punch but I prefer a bit of bitterness to wake me up. Good stuff, easy to sip on.

One of the better mixing pre-workout supplements I have tried. Depending on how many scoops you take I would adjust the liquid amount, so like 6 oz for 1 scoop,8 oz for two and 10-12 oz for three scoops. It gets a bit foamy but there’s no grit or left over at the bottom. No issues here.

Holy smokes batman, this is one heck of a pre-workout booster. You really notice this stuff working, and not in the overpowering way with jitters and stuff. You get the focused tunnel vision feeling as soon as you walk into the gym. I took it half hour before and I was ready to go by the first set. First day i noticed I could lift for more reps and didn’t tire out as fast. After a couple of days I was lifting more and taking less time between sets. But I wanted to test out the recovery on leg day! I missed a week of legs prior to taking the new Psycho, and did some serious weight on presses and squats. The next day I was expecting to need crutches, but this wasn’t the case at all, I was sore but not nearly as I expected. I can say this gave me the recovery for sure, also it’s sustained no crash type of product so all you need for it to work is lift some heavy stuff!

It’s priced to sell, about 30$ or so for 60 servings if you only use one scoop, I would recommend two scoops, three if you really have build up some crazy tolerance to supplements. if you use 3 scoops however the value drops quite a bit.

I will be using this over the next few months, I ordered two tubs from Bodybuilding.com. It does what it say it will do and more. The new SciVation Psycho is here to compete with the top dogs in the category and it easily can beat them over time. I would recommend getting this or other two new pre training boosters New Assault Gamechanger or the Pump Igniter all will get the job done and are new. Give it a try you will love to go Psycho!

60 Servings
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