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New Sma5h Pre Workout by Axis Labs Review

New Sma5h Pre Workout by Axis Labs Review

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

Sma5h Pre Workout is finally ere from Axis Labs, as part of their new look. After weeks of speculations and teasing we now can make our on judgement on whether it was worth a wait. Sma5h pre workout is a 8165mg Proprietary blend designed to support key areas to better your training, including joint support,which stuck out a part from your typical energy, pump, endurance etc..

Basically the write on Sma5h Compound 5 is that it is made up of 5 compounds. Without going into detail on every compound I will do a little summery to give you an idea.

1.SLINGSHOT Strength & Endurance INFUSION-Carnosyn (Beta-Alanine)and Creatine HCL to keep you going and help recover with maximum gains.
2.Hyper-Vasodilation INFUSION-Gives you the pump with combination of Glycerol Monostearate, Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL, L-Glycine, which have been clinically proven to show results in this area.
3.PHIRE Energy INFUSION- Has Caffeine, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine to boost your energy levels.
4.Focus Amplifying INFUSION- Designed to increase blood flow and keeps you focused on the task.
5.Joint Support Axis INFUSION- I liked this addition as I do have joint problems, it will help gel the joints with the help of Glucosamine, Chondroitin.

Sma5h Pre workout is still new and not many people have reviewed it, personally I have only been taking it for about a week and a half after getting a tub of watermelon flavor, which is the only flavor at the moment. Sma5h is a 1 scoop (10g) per serving and you get 45 servings in a tub. I am assuming the 45 will shrink to about 25 as even the company recommends taking 2 scoops eventually after you figure out your tolerance. I have been taking pre workout supplements for years, so the second day I started taking 2 scoops, especially with such a low amount of caffeine included.

When I first looked at buying Sma5h pre workout, I tried to find a decent review on the flavor at least as watermelon isn’t my favorite. After reading few on BB.com, I decided to give it a try. It’s taste OK, it can be a bit sweet then you get this weird medicine after taste, kind of like from a flavored cold syrup, just not smooth.

Foams up, and there are visible gritty particles, you need to keep shaking it up as you drink it. I didn’t find this a problem, just pointing out for those pick folks out there. Overall mixed well.

I got a good amount of energy as soon as I got to the gym, it was smooth flowing, no jitter or stomach irritation. I noticed a tunnel vision building up, I felt alert, my drive to workout increased, overall through the 2 hour training session I had great endurance and it carried over few hours after the gym, with no crash, which was a big plus. I noticed a good pump as well, I am not one of those people always checking them selves in the mirror but I can tell the arms and chest felt tighter. After about a week of taking Sma5h pre workout I noticed a slight increase in my bench and squats, not much but I could lift more and for few more reps which was great. As for final results, I think this will get me leaner and help me put on few pounds of muscle if I keep going at this rate.

I think the price is fair and on par with most pre workout supplements out there. Like I aid for me using 2 scoops ruins the value a bit, but if one scoop works for you, then you can’t beat 30$ for 45 servings.

Overall Sma5h Pre workout compound 5 is a very solid pre workout booster. Axis Labs have shown their desire to improve and keep the consumer happy with this product. I would recommend this to anybody looking to try something new, and if you have joint issues this will keep that in check as well. I may update this review for final results in few weeks, keep checking f you are interesed, or just leave a comment below as reminder.

45 Servings
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