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New Supplements By Cellucors Neon Sport 2013

New Supplements By Cellucors Neon Sport 2013

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

Cellucor in May announced the name behind their new cost effective spin off brand, Neon Sport.If you know about cellucor, then you know about how expensive their supplements are. They are saying Neon Sport would be quite different with it’s intentions by targeting an audience who consider price one of the major factors when purchasing supplements. Currently the neon sport supplements can be purchased at GNC with Bodybuilding.com being the next in line to start making shipments soon, most likely by the end of July.

So far Neon Sport have launched four supplements, a pre-workout, an amino cocktail, a testosterone booster, and a cortisol control product. We will look into these later as you read on. One of my concerns by this new brand company that’s claiming to be efficient on cost is, where are the essentials like whey,creatine, and the multi-itamins? Are people really going to buy testosterone boosters, and the cortisol control supplements? I doubt the average lifter has extra money to blow on those. Looking at the prices on GNC I don’t see the cost effective thing playing out, the Volt for example is 40$ for 180g. That’s a lot when we already know there are cheaper proven products out there.

Well I can’t write off the company yet, there are limited reviews out there. I have read positive stuff about the Volt and the Kenetic BCAAs. I will do a overview of all four supplements below and then add full reviews as I test out the products.

Claims From Neon Sport For Each Supplement:

Neon Sport VoltVolt
Neon Sport Volt is an electrifying combination of energy, pump, and focus ingredients. Volt™ combines premier pump ingredients such as Citrulline and Agmatine Sulfate with the strongest stimulant and nootropic complex available. Volt’s signature ingredient is Beta Alanine. At max dose, Volt delivers almost 2x the amount of Beta Alanine max dosed competing products. Although almost EVERY pre-workout uses Beta Alanine, almost all of them under dose this powerful amino acid that has been shown to support muscular endurance and improves performance. >Read Full Review Here.

Neon Sport KineticKenetic
Neon Sport Kinetic features an innovative combination of “old-school” and “new-school” amino acid technologies. Kinetic™ combines a 3:1:1 ratio of BCAAs and 4g of SAAs (Sequenced Amino Acids and Silk Protein Peptides) to deliver a novel, comprehensive amino product. Additionally, Kinetic™ features Carnitine Tartrate and Raw Coconut Water Concentrate to maximize cellular energy. Read Full Review Here.


Neon Sport SurgeSurge
Neon Sport Surge is 5 tiered testosterone support product aimed at maximizing natural test levels. Surge features an unparalleled combination of 5 potent test-boosting ingredients: Tribulus, Fenugreek, Ursolic Acid, Stinging Nettle and Zinc. These ingredients joined with Horny Goat, Saw Palmetto, Milk Thistle and Curcumin deliver a focused, comprehensive test supplement that benefits performance in and out of the gym. Read Full Review Here.


Neon Sport InterceptIntercept
Neon Sport Intercept is a highly concentrated Aromatase Inhibitor (AI) and cortisol control product. Intercept combines the strongest natural aromatase and estrogen inhibiting ingredients available with potent adaptagenics and mild diuretics to deliver a 3-tiered versatile hardening product that can be taken solo, or added to any male stack. Review Coming Soon!



I have these supplements arriving to me any day now and will do reviews once I test each one. To see products on Bodybuilding.com click here.

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