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New TSN Pump Igniter Pre-Workout Review

New TSN Pump Igniter Pre-Workout Review

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

Pre-Workout Supplement category seems to be always the busiest one, and this year is no different. With many companies competing for the top spot, this has been a summer of pre-workouts. No doubt with Mr.Olympia in September many are trying to get their product out to the public for feed back in hopes to shine at the big show. After months of speculation Top Secret Nutrition has finally released their new formula called Pump Igniter, which is currently only available in a 14 serving tester container and three flavors; Cherry Limeade,Grape and Red Raspberry.

Pump Igniter is a product you can get exited about, it really is. It is designed to cover all aspects of a workout to get you the most out of it. It will work on your motivation and drive, the pump and strength, endurance and mood while keeping you focused without being cracked out with the jitters. It brings the new age technology with the breakthrough HydroCarn – Beta-alanine HCL, which gives you the faster absorption then a normal pre-workout booster would.

I was excited to try this product ever since I first heard about it few months back. So once it got released on BB.com I ordered a sample tub and as usual to them it got here quick. There are 15 ingredients in this thing which is great how transparent the label is. I think I should point out the Caffeine Anhydrous 300mg, which is a good amount, anything under 200mg will not work at all. You can find a few write up on the ingredients here.

I bought the Cherry Limeade flavor, and right in the write up it says if you take it on an empty stomach, it’s ideal to take 15 minutes pre-workout, and on full stomach a half hour before. I tried it both ways and my review of the product if below.

Cherry Limeade is just what you can expect from the name, tastes a bit sweet on first taste then you feel the tartness going down. It is very refreshing, good pick me up and go type of product. You feel it kicking in very fast.

I used 1 scoop to start instead of the recommended 1/2, because I can hold my stimulants so do say. In 12 ounces of water it mixed ok, but you get do get some grit and it foamed up at first, but settles down after about a minute, I shook it up before swigging it down, overall there was no issues.

Here is where I have to either say this is an insane product or I am having one heck of a placebo effect. I took it about 30 minutes before the gym first two days because I ate and it kicked in by the time I walked in, about 15-20 minutes you notice it. It is an energy you can’t get with many products, no jitter just clean lets get this done type of energy. You can feel a mental drive, where you just want to lift and lift. After just a warm up I felt a good pump in my arm, and once I got into the heavy lifting I noticed a great boost in strength, just adrenaline type of strength, felt like I could do 5 more reps then I use to. I can’t stress enough how well this worked for me and how cut in half my rep recovery time was, probably could’ve worked out three hours straight, no problem. After the gym I had energy to spare, and spend time with the kids before going to bed. I did use a recovery protein blend so I can’t attest to whether or not it helps recover quicker but in the gym it’s a monster.

Not sure what the 30 serving tub will cost but the 14 serving on BB.com cost me 18$, and I would pay more for the quality I got.

Very impressed with the first run with the new Pump Igniter pre-training booster, I think Top Secret has a product they can be proud of here. I got what I needed at the gym, and I am sure over time this will help me put on solid muscle. I would recommend giving it a try, and stay tuned for more reviews on TSN, as they do have a Beta-Alanine product we will be trying out once it hits the shelves.

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