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New Vita-T MultiVitamin by TSN Review

New Vita-T MultiVitamin by TSN Review

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

New Vita-T Multivitamin is the latest supplement to be released by Top Secret Nutrition, right after the Pump Igniter pre workout. This is a men’s multivitamin, packed with vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts to support the mind and body. Vita-T contains 7 blends designed to support the Virility, Testosterone, Prostate, Liver, Probiotic Digestion,Performance and acts as an Antioxidant as well.

When you look at the label, it’s a bit overwhelming how many different ingredients this Vita-T multivitamin contains. To save me time on writing everything out you can check out the product description page on BB.com. It is available in a 5 serving and 30 serving container of veggie capsules, which are recommended to take 3 on an empty stomach.

Our tester has taken Vita-T for almost a month, and we will be featuring his review below. Few things to point out is if you are under 18 get a permission from a doctor prior to taking Vita-T, and if you receive a broken package do not use this product.

Easy to swallow capsules, just take 3 when you get up before you have any food. There’s no aftertaste with the capsules.

It is hard to judge multivitamins, you really need know your body functions, otherwise you will not notice much effect. For me the two noticeable areas were digestion and testosterone, I am sure there were positives in other areas but the ones I could tell were the two mentioned. I could tell my digestion was better, I had no bloating or stomach issues from taking protein powders. The testosterone boost was noticeable, I had a better sex drive, I felt more energized at the gym.

Reasonably priced with 30 servings for less then 25$. It may seem a little pricey but I think with all the ingredients in Vita-T multi, the price is justified.


I think this is a solid multivitamin, I won’t go to say it’s the next Animal Pak, but if you are looking for a quality ingredient packed product then maybe giving Vita-T a try would be right up your alley. My experience was good, I feel this boosted my overall heath, and gave me energy in the gym and bedroom. I would recommend this men’s multivitamin to anybody looking to try a new product, in easy to take veggie capsules.

30 Servings
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