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New Xtend Endurance by Scivation Review

New Xtend Endurance by Scivation Review

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

New Xtend Endurance was recently released by Scivation and is available for purchase at all major retailers and online store. Xtend endurance is basically the same product as the original, very successful Xtend intra-workout Scivation has had out for a while. When you compare the labels, the only thing you notice is the added starches(Maltodextrin, Cluster Dextrin, Waxy Maize), in a form of a Carbo Triplex Blend for a total of 25g, which will pack on a 100 calories per serving, as opposed to the 5 calories from original Xtend.

When I first heard about Xtend Endurance, my original thought was ” if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it”. I was very happy with the taste and results I got from original Xtend that I didn’t think that Scivation can do much more to it. Im going to add a quote from the product page to give you an idea of what they designed the product for, and my experience with it will follow.

Designed for intra-workout or post-workout consumption, XTEND ENDURANCE helps facilitate new muscle construction and helps increase workout volume and intensity. Additionally, by orchestrating optimal protein synthesis along with supplying a energy-sustaining carbohydrate matrix that helps fuel starving muscles, XTEND ENDURANCE severely truncates recovery time.

You can get Xtend Endurance in three flavors (Watermelon,Green Apple and Blue Raspberry). I got the Watermelon flavor, and I am not a fan of it, which is hard for me to admit because I like Scivation and the original Xtend tastes awesome. Xtend Endurance gets clumpy, even with 16oz of liquid, and the taste is just weird, kinda like drinking crushed up Tums pills. I don’t think the addition of waxy maize help this products taste or mixability.

I usually like to take my carbs post workout, but with Xtend Endurance I took it during, and as expected it works great. I had lots of energy, can do more sets, and in between sets I recovered quickly. As far as next day I didn’t feel sore , and can get the most out of my workout, but as I mentioned before, it isn’t anything the original Xtend didn’t already do for me. One side effect to Xtend endurance I noticed was the stomach cramping and discomfort. Other then that I think the product will help anybody get the most out of their training, I just don’t like the taste and it clumps up. I wouldn’t call this a home run by Scivation but my expecations weren’t high for this one so all in all I would recommend sticking with the original Xtend. Unless you just want to try out a new product , who knows you may like it.

It’s about 1$ per serving, for a 30 serving tub. It’s a little pricier then Xtend but, that’s mostly because it’s new. It’s priced fair I think, if you can afford it and want to try it, then give it a run, let us know what you think.

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