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Nutrabolics New Creatine 2XC Review

Nutrabolics New Creatine 2XC Review

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

Creatine 2XC is another solid supplement that kind of went under the radar this summer. It a basic profile of Glutamine, Creatine HCL. AstraGin, L-Carnitine L-Tartrate and N-Acetyl-Tyrosine, no filler, you get what you get. One ingredient that will stand out is the Creatine HCL, which is the latest in the creatine research and has proven to be the most effective form yet. If you look at the product write up on the manufacturers page or on bb.com, it will tell you that the Creatine 2XC will help increase endurance and explosiveness, support protein tissue repair and bio-functioning.

Just by looking at the supplements ingredients and write up, even before I tried it, I knew that it would do the job just didn’t know how good. With creatine hcl in the mix you are almost guaranteed absorption, so don’t worry about bloating and nausea you can experience with some creatine powders. Also cool thing about the 2XC is there is no loading or cycling on and off.

There is only one flavor available, the fruit punch, so you will either like it or hate it once you try it. This creatine should be taken half hour pre or post workout. On the tub you will see it says 60 servings, but then in the write up says to take two scoops to be effective, kind of kills the value for me, it is over 30$ a tub after all.

I didn’t care for the taste much, little synthetic, with the crushed up pill taste and some fruit punch flavoring mixed in. I usually suck it up on the taste and slam it down, but if I had to brag about a good tasting creatine blend, creatine 2xc wouldn’t come up.

I didn’t see any real issues with it, mixes well, you get some foam and little grit but it doable. I just made sure I shook it well before every gulp.

First off you have to use two scoops or you just won’t notice much of anything, it even says it in the directions. I don’t know why they didn’t just make it a two scoops serving size but whatever that’s their marketing. With two scoops I felt it pretty good, my energy way increased and lasted longer, I felt a bit stronger too. After about a week of use, I noticed a solid fullness to my muscles, especially the arms, felt like a steady pump going. I got good recovery from creatine 2xc as well, I wouldn’t be as sore the next day, and I really started to look leaner towards the end of the month I was using this stuff. I was on a lean bulk but still I felt the creatine 2xc help along the way, and I did put on more muscle and cut up quite a bit.

The price is horrible really, 40$ for basically 30 servings, I don’t care how effective it gets. It really will depend on how much you can spend. If you can swing the 40$ I would say give it a try.

For me the effectiveness of the product is great and on that fact alone I would recommend it. BUT the price and the taste bring it down in my book. Maybe adding some more flavors and cutting the price in half would be an idea for the NutraBolics company. Anyways I got results and didn’t have any side effects with creatine 2xc, it’s a solid product overall. It is a little misleading on dosage, but I guess that’s why we learn to read haha. It should be noted lastly that the blemishes I am putting on this are mainly on the price and taste, effectiveness wise this will get you results.

60 (1 scoop) Servings
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