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Onnit New Hemp Force Protein Superfood

Onnit New Hemp Force Protein Superfood

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

What is Hemp?
Hemp is a complete protein (like meat) containing branch chain amino acids and an optimal balance of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, including GMA. It has extremely fast absorption with benefits to athletes due to the fact that 2/3 is made up of edestrin, a plant protein similar to protein found in the human body. Hemp is easily digested and the natural fiber content is good for the digestive system, unlike many whey products. Hemp is grown naturally and sustainably without the need for pesticides or herbicides. Hemp has a beneficial PH balance, and won’t cause unnecessary catabolic acidity like many soy products.

What is Cocoa?
Cocoa is extremely rich in antioxidants, including oligomeric procynanidins, reservatrol, and the polyphenols catechin and epicatechin. Its natural chromium content helps the body to regulate blood sugar levels, and the magnesium content helps nourish and relax muscles. Cocoa is also beneficial to assisting the body with healthy hormone and neurotransmitter levels.

What is Maca?
Maca provides a unique set of nutrients that help to fuel a healthy endocrine system and assist the glands to produce vital hormones in balance with ones individual chemistry. It has a broad spectrum of nutritional content which support most major bodily systems, and it has a long history of traditional use in supporting sexual health.

Why Hemp Force?
Hemp FORCE utilizes a rich and complete protein isolated from organic hemp seeds. Containing all of the essential amino acids, all three branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), and both essential fatty acids (Omega-3 and Omega-6), the protein profile of hemp seeds makes them one of the most nutritious sources in the plant kingdom. Cocoa and maca root not only enhance the natural flavor of the hemp, but also contain several antioxidant and bioactive compounds beneficial for peak performance. With a touch of stevia, a natural zero calorie sweetener with its own health benefits, Hemp FORCE supplies the body with an all-natural, easily digestible protein supplement with a nutrition profile unlike any other protein food available.

Hemp Force for Healthy Reasons?
The protein isolated from hemp contains a unique mixture of two proteins, edestin and albumin, present in a 3-to-1 ratio. Edestin is a globular protein found only in hemp and contains a higher content of essential amino acids compared to soy protein. Human albumin is a water-soluble transport protein in the blood, synthesized in the liver using available dietary protein. Dietary albumin is present in high concentrations in non-vegetarian sources of protein, such as dairy and meat. Inadequate protein intake or vegetarian diet can lead to low levels of blood albumin, resulting in muscle weakness and fatigue. Consuming hemp protein and other foods with high albumin content can help boost the body’s ability to synthesize human blood albumin, offering all the health benefits of a complete protein.

Hemp Force for Performance?
A balanced amino acid profile, strong fiber content, and essential omega fatty acids, Hemp protein represents one of the most nutritious and energetically favorable vegetarian proteins available. The bioactive nutrients in Hemp seeds make Hemp FORCE suitable for anyone: from the most intense body builders to the healthiest vegetarians. Maca root, cocoa, and stevia provide a rich taste, a burst in energy, and an array of phytochemical nutrients that is unparalleled in other available protein supplements. Hemp FORCE is truly the next generation of protein supplement that will prove beneficial to all individuals interested in healthy protein snacking or true performance nutrition.

I use 12 oz skim milk instead of water and throw a banana in there with a couple ice cubes and blend it. Great tasting chocolaty flavor, smooth to drink. I always use a blender for this so not really sure how it would taste just mixed in a cup with water. There was not clumps or anything like that, but I have read people had bad experiences with the mixing, for me in the blender comes out nice and smooth, and tastes great, no issues here.

I must say, I was very surprised with the taste of it, sweetened with stevia (a natural zero-calorie sweetener) and cocoa so not only is it healthy, but it’s delicious as well. What I was even more surprised by is how well it digested and had no stomach issues or gas. I took it at all times of day and it made me feel full even with the low carb profile. I felt energy when I took it before the gym and recovery after, not burned out as fast, it has a great amino complex and 16 grams of healthy protein. After the tub was gone I was leaner and my difestion felt like it was smoother then before I took this, maybe it cleaned my digestion system as well being that it is organic.

Price really isn’t the best even for a solid protein powder as this is. 10 serving are 45$! That’s insanely overpriced and you really gotta look around for a deal, though BB.com will usually have a solid deal.

If it wasn’t for the crazy price I would recommend this to everybody, but I know not everybody can blow like 150$ a month on hemp force protein. There are lot’s of other protein powders that are just as good, but this does have the healthy factor going for it: it is organic,gluten,dairy,sugar and soy free and it helps the digestive system amongst other things. If you can afford it and you are looking for a good tasting all natural protein loaded with amino acids, essential fatty acids and fiber then look no further. I would recommend trying to get a sample before buying just to test if you like it before you spend the cash.

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