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Optimum Nutrition Platinum Pre Review

Optimum Nutrition Platinum Pre Review

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

Pre-workout Supplementation isn’t new. What’s exciting about new Platinum Pre- is ON’s commitment to using safe, effective ingredients in amounts that are clearly listed on the Facts Panel for all to see. There’s no marketing hype in this product. This pre-workout formula is 100% business, just like you’ve come to expect from ON.
Platinum-level pre-workout powder is no exception. In addition to intense energy and focus, the formula supports training performance with beta-alanine and citrulline. A novel fruit extract supports metabolism and a unique PhytoBlend completes the package.

Tastes, ok It’s sour kind of. I have had worse, but I drink it anyways because the results matter. If I had to suggest a flavor I would say go with raspberry lemonade.
Mixes well excpet the cayenne that sticks to the bottom. Few shakes will get it completely mixed.

Very good in my opinion. Increased energy and focus. Definitely helps me keep going at the gym. I don’t believe there is much of an increase in the “pump” but as far as helping you work harder and longer it definitely does the job. The high dosage of caffeine can make you feel a little jittery and my hands would shake a little bit, but by the time I arrived at the gym, it was all business.

Depending on how many scoops you take, if you do one the value is great with 30 servings a tub. With two scoops it loses value. Overall I would feel ok buying this again, it’s a quality supplement.

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