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Orange Triad + Greens Review-Controlled Labs Multivitamin

Orange Triad + Greens Review-Controlled Labs Multivitamin

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

Our Review of Controlled Labs Orange Triad plus Greens Multivitamin.

We already hold Controlled Labs Orange Triad Pills in high regard when it comes to multivitamins, and it was obvious we would like to test out the new Orange Triad + Greens designed to serve as a Multivitamin, Joint Support, Digestion and Immune System Support plus a Greens Formula packed with veggies to help with cardiovascular health. Without writing out all the ingredient in this complex supplement you can see the fact panel by clicking here.

Orange Triad + Greens may be complex when you look at the fact panel with a ton of ingredients, but at least if fairly simple to use. You take 1 scoop twice a day mixed in 4-8 ounces of your drink of choice with meals and you’re set. It’s a little more work then taking the pills of original Orange Triad but if pills aren’t your thing then this will be a great new multivitamin for you to test out.

Orange Triad plus Greens is only available in one flavor, “Orange”! I gotta to say if there is a down side to this multivitamin is that it has a strong smell, chemical smell kinda, and there is a lingering after taste of a tart, bitter orange flavor. You are going to have to learn to love it if you want to use this product.

Mixes well, not a lot of grit, and foam settles down after few seconds. I would recommend mixing with OJ or something orange flavored to cut the taste tartness a bit.

If you have tried Orange Triad pills then you know how potent that product is, the Orange Triad plus greens powder is just as potent if not more potent. You do notice that neon color pee if you take the full dosage, so if you can figure out the way to use a little over half a scoop per serving that should eliminate that issue. I felt great taking Orange Triad plus green, once I actually drank it and the after taste left my mouth. The joint support was effective because I usually have shoulder pain, and this really reduced it, I noticed I wouldn’t be bloated after meals, and my energy was up through the day. I tested it by missing a few days to really see if it wasn’t all in my head, and I can say that energy and digestion were way down, my shoulder would hurt after training, so the product works in my opinion.

The price right now it’s not the best for a multivitamin at about 40$ for 30 servings, but it is  a new supplement as well. The tablet Orange Triad is cheaper and on the same level as the Orange Triad + Greens. Really depend on your budget, and you can also check out our 2014 best multivitamins list to compare prices and other product we feel work great.

30 Servings
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