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ProMera Sports Peak 400 Review

ProMera Sports Peak 400 Review

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

>ProMera Sports Says-“PEAK400 delivers the only legitimate, patent-protected and extensively researched form of oral ATP you can buy – PEAK ATP®! University studies confirm that raising the amount of ATP outside a muscle cell, even in small and transient amounts, can provide support for muscle excitability, blood flow and recovery.* ATP and its immediate metabolites not only activate receptors on muscle tissue that increase the number of muscle filaments that bind and the velocity at which they slide, but also affect the cell’s ability to rapidly repolarize for repeated high-intensity muscle demands.* ATP-activated receptors also increase the synthesis and release of Nitric Oxide (NO).”

I have had some hit or miss experiences with ProMera Sports supplements. One thing that was a red flag for me with this product is that it only has 400Mg of “One Ingredient”. First off I thought well this can’t be much help to my pre-workout supplementation. I have read through some review where people are having great results, good pumps and no jittery feeling etc…Today’s pre-workout supplements are so scientific that it’s really hard to think that one ingredient will have any effect on the product. When you take it by it self, what can you really expect. If you have already taken stronger products your body will not feel this at all. Ok lets get to the basic review of Peak 400.

I tried the Lemon Lime and I thought it tasted fine, little tart, depends what you mixed it with. By itself it’s actually one of the more pleasant supplements I have tried. I also like tart flavors so might be biased there.

Mixed very well with no powder left at the bottom. Also no gritty taste which was great. Nothing more to say about that, I used a cup most of the time with no issues.

When I took with a pre-workout, the performance of the formula it was taken with went unchanged. When I took by itself, as well as the sting of the lemon and lime flavoring. The only thing that seemed to happen was a very slight change in energy. Not a huge amount, kind of like a pinch. However it is worth mentioning this experience only happened when I took it by itself and during cardio. When lifting weights Peak 400 was noticeable as the water you drink from your bottle.

The 30 serving container of Peak 400 equates to approximately $0.82 per serving. For most sports nutrition supplements, this is not a bad price. But I think if you are going to spend 25$ there are way better supplements out there.

I know that ProMera Sports is an innovative company and I am a fan of their Con-Cret and Gluta-Tren. I just think they will need to remaster this Peak 400 pre-workout. But there are people who like this product, and I can completely write it off, but I won’t be using it again.

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