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Pursuit-Rx New Pre-Workout Formula Review

Pursuit-Rx New Pre-Workout Formula Review

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

The Dymatize new spin off line Pursuit-Rx is target at the Crossfit obsession sweeping the nation and the world. It is a new all natural line, which many people are looking for these days in their supplements. The new Pursuit-Rx Pre Workout is no different, it has a list on natural fruit extracts that have nutritional and flavoring role to play.

Like you can expect it is designed to improve endurance, give you clean energy and protect the muscles while in recovery. For energy it uses black and green tea extract, and for endurance and reduction of fatigue it utilizes Pomegranate and Beet Root extract, which over time has been proven to aid in recovery and durability during training.

They will tell you right in their dosage directions that the product does settle so it needs to be shaken often to remain mixed. You mix 1 or 2 scoops in 10oz of water, and take it about 35-40 minutes pre-training.

Only comes in one flavor; Pomegranate Green tea. Taste pretty good for a natural flavoring, but it is little more bitter then you can expect from lets say pomegranate soft drink you might have had before. It’s a taste you will need to get used to.

Mixes ok but it settles like they tell you. I noticed foam and some grittiness as well, so make sure you shale it really well otherwise it will taste chalky.

Can’t really say this gave me insane pumps or anything like that, but what I did notice was a clean feel energy. I didn’t feel jittery, and the stuff kept me going, almost like you can’t really feel it working but it is. Weird I know. I didn’t tire out fast, the next day I would feel ready to go at it again, no issues , I think I gotta say i worked, but it’s not  one of your typical pre workout supplements that you notice right away.

35$ for 40 servings is decent, but I would like to see it in the 25-30$ range, just because it really isn’t a proven product to demand that kind of price, even for a dymatize supplement.

I think this is a well put together supplement that will get you energy and spare your muscles from fatiguing. Made naturally,and if you are looking to switch to a natural product then I would recommend this, but if you are stimulant junky then this will not be for you. It’s more of a quiet get the job done type of supplement, and it’s worth trying out.

40 Servings
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