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Quest Nutrition Protein Bars Review

Quest Nutrition Protein Bars Review

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

Quest Nutrition has been able to produce the worlds first truly low-carb protein bar that uses only high-quality proteins and no simple carbs of any kinds, no harmful sugar alcohols, and no glycerin – only perfect nutritional ingredients. For me personally I love the sweets, and If I could eat candy and get results in my training I would haha. But we all know that you can’t do that.

Quest Bar Highlights:
>No Sugar
>No Sugar Alcohols
>High In Fiber
>Gluten Free
>20g Protein
>6g Non-Fiber Carbs
Once you taste this nutrition bar you’ll agree that no other protein bar on the market even comes close to matching the combination of amazing flavor and perfect nutrition with absolutely no compromises. These bars really are at the top when it comes to taste and quality, using only the high-quality bioavailable proteins. While Quest Low Carb Protein Bars are eaten by every type of person, they’ve been formulated to allow people who take their fitness and health very seriously to get into amazing shape.

I thought the taste was great in all of the bars except the key lime and the peanut butter supreme. I usually love anything with peanut butter but this just wasn’t for me. All these bars will have be different from what you are used to with the norm of protein bars on the market. Those protein bars are more like candy and pasty, with these quest bars I really found that quick replacement meal I need from time to time. Pop them in the microwave for like 10-20 seconds and you’re good to go, you will feel full and the main thing is these bars will taste just like what the wrapper says.

I’ve eaten these multiple times and they have always kept me full for a couple of hours when I’m out and about on the town or what not. These things have never made me full bloated or gave me horrible gas as many other bars have done in the past. I only wish these things had a little more protein in them, but that is a minuscule loss considering everything else. If you are like me and get the cravings for some kinda dessert (Brownies,pies,etc..) these protein bars come in as a great substitute that you won’t feel guilty about. In a nutshell this supplement works, just try not to get hooked on these things, after you eat one the temptation is there to eat another. For me I have never wanted to eat two protein bars in a row before I got quest bars.

They are not cheap, but it’s one of those things if you have a quality product you name the price. Still they are about the same as most other protein bars depending where you buy and if you buy in bulk it’s a bit cheaper. The local shops will try to make like 75% profit off you, compared to what you can get online. I think average price at a local vitamin shop in my town was 3.50$, which is just insane for a protein bar. Online you can get a box of 12 for like 25$, and that’s what I would recommend. Most flavors are good like I said other then key lime and peanut butter supreme.

These quest bars have a great profile, are effective, and taste flipping amazing. The price is the only thing that keeps me from stocking up on these things. However, I believe these have the set the new standard of what a protein bar should be and in time the price will hopefully come down a bit in the near future. If you are ever out and about and need a healthy quick fix, pick one of these up. You will not be disappointed trust me on that.

12 Bar box
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