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Ronnie Coleman Yeah Buddy Review

Ronnie Coleman Yeah Buddy Review

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

Taking a closer look at Ronnie Coleman’s Signature Series Yeah Buddy Pre-Workout

Yeah Buddy pre workout from Ronnie Coleman’s Signature series has been out about a year now, with forth flavor just recently being added. This pre-workout supplement is the latest in the Signature Series, named after the trademark phrase from the 8 time Olympian. Originally I was not going to review this product because I knew it would be a stimulant heavy product. Yeah Buddy has a somewhat transparent label, with half of the ingredients being mixed in the proprietary blends. The kicker for me is understanding one key factor in this pre-workout. Ronnie Coleman uses it! Think about how big that guy is, then think about how strong a product you need to effect a guy like that.

Once you have a picture of a strong, stimulant pre-workout supplement, Yeah Buddy starts to make sense. It has 420mg of Caffeine, 2000mg Beta Alanine, 1000mg L-Citrulline, 500mg Agmatine Sulfate, and 50mg TeaCrine. If that sounds like a strong, crank type of pre-workout supplement, it’s because it is one. Yeah Buddy is as strong as they come in my opinion. I took one serving of Cherry Limeade flavor( also available in Sour Berry, Electric Lemonade, and Irish Apple). 1 scoop into 12 oz of water mixed great, but once I tried it, the initial taste of Yeah Buddy was sour, and off putting. With Agmatine Sulfate in the blend I expected the flavor to be strong but this was just lingering in my mouth for a while. However it’s not the flavor, it’s the results right!? Yes! Yeah Buddy kicks in right away, I wasn’t even done warming up when I felt a burst of energy. Think of that movie crank when the guy just gets all amped up.

I was so pumped and energized to a point that I was scared about my body. My skin was so tight after the first set, the pump just doesn’t stop. I completely understood that Yeah Buddy was going to be a half doese pre workout for me. I got a great workout but I felt cracked out, jittery and my stomach was turning at times. However the second time I took a half dose and did not mind it, except for the flavor. I still got a great pump even with a half scoop. With Yeah Buddy already being under 30$ a tub, this basically doubled my value. I would recommend it, but know that it is strong and the flavor is strong, and everything else is great as far as pre-workout supplements go.

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