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RSP Nutrition New GlutaGen Powder Review

RSP Nutrition New GlutaGen Powder Review

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

Here we have nice little blend of recovery focused ingredients in a form of a new product from RSP Nutrition called GlutaGen. Personally I am always excited to try a recovery product, because that’s where you build the muscle, you can bust your butt in the gym all you want but if there is no proper recovery it’s all for nothing.

GlutaGen contains a 6000mg blend of ingredients such as; L-Glitamine, Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine, Copmax and few more vitamins and minerals all with a purpose to serve. We know that glutamine supports muscle recovery, and the BCAAs will battle catablism, thn you get the CopMax for replenishing APT levels. You also get a good amount of Vitamn B and Bioperine for absorption and digestion. It’s a simple well put together product that has one goal,”Recovery”.

It is sold only in one flavor(Orange) and before I even tried it I read reviews where people loved the taste of GlutaGen. It’s very simple to mix up as well, just one scoop in about 12 oz of water and you’re set.

I believe recovery drinks should taste good to reward you for your efforts and this is one of the best tasting glutamine products I ever tried. Just awesome! You can really taste the orange, and once mixed up you’d think it’s a pre mixed gatorade type of drink. You won’t have issues with taste.

No issues with mixing, I used only one scoop and it mixed fine in just a regular water bottle as well. No grittiness or leftover on the bottom.

I would actually mix this up and drink it about 15 minutes before I am done with my training, by the time I leave the gymit should already be working. I noticed I had a good amount of energy after the gym, I didn’t feel fatigued, just a god all around feeling. Once I actually had my post workout meal,it didn’t feel heavy no matter what I would eat, so digestion aid was noticeable because I usually do have little digestion issues. I think it absorbs quick enough to get you the full benefits of the product, the next day you don’t feel sore, you get up and go. I think this stuff helped me sleep better honestly, I would be so rejuvenated in the morning, and trust me I am ‘Not’ a morning person.

You know if you can afford it, I think it’s worth getting at 30$ for 30 servings. A buck a day for this product I would pay again, no problem.


If you have issues with DOMS, and are just looking for a solid recovery supplement then get you some GlutaGen. It worked great for me and I have tried many of the top dogs when it comes to glutamine based cocktails. Tastes great and it work, nothing more can be asked of post-workout supplements.

30 Servings
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