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S.A.N BCAA Pro Reloaded Review

S.A.N BCAA Pro Reloaded Review

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

SAN’s BCAA Pro Reloaded is manufactured using strict cGMP guidelines. Which means your product is produced in a Government Audited Facility, ensuring you purity, safety and potency. So you can experience all the benefits without any harmful toxins. Unlike BCAA Pro 5000 and I-BCAA Max, the new BCAA Pro Reloaded comes packed with an extremely high 12:1:1 ratio of  BCAAs and tops itself off with a strong 2.5g dose of micronized glutamine. The formula doesn’t include citrulline or beta-alanine to give it that extra kick that other amino cocktails have.

To further enhance recovery, protect from muscle tissue catabolism, support immune system function, help improve intestinal health and support glycogen synthesis–every 2 servings of BCAA Pro Reloaded contains 5 full grams of L-Glutamine (per 2 servings)–the most abundant amino acid in skeletal muscle tissue. You’re gonna love this, BCCA Pro Reloaded is even more soluble in water to give you greater absorption of the BCAA’s and for the best biological advantage SAN micronized the L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine.

Combined with the right training, nutrition and SAN’s BCAA Pro Reloaded, serious muscle gains are very real and totally within your grasp because BCAA Pro Reloaded maximizes protein synthesis. It was designed to set off more protein synthesis and support more muscle-building than any product available. BCAA Pro Reloaded is 10 times more anabolic potentiating than anything we’ve created before.

Main Ingredients:
>L-Leucine 6300mg
>L-Isoleucine 525mg
>L-Valine 525mg
>L-Glutamine (Micronized) 2500mg

I had the watermelon flavor and I gotta say, not bad at all. It’s a bit sweet but you can taste the melon flavor and there’s not bad after taste, I would recommend adding a bit more water to reduce the sweetness if you don’t like sweet too much.

There is no sign of any particles or floaters or graininess at the end, just mix 1 scoop with 12-14 oz of water and you are set. BCAA Pro Reloaded can be taken as a during and post-workout supplement.

The leucine content in BCAA Pro Reloaded is one of the highest out there and definitely a plus in my book. It’s a simple formula that works great as intra or post workout supplement. I took it mainly intra-workout and I felt my testosterone go up after about three days of use, but the main thing for me was recovery. I was busting my butt at the gym trying to put on a few pounds of muscle for the summer, when I came across the bcaa pro reloaded and figured why not. It lasted me a month because I was using 1.5 scoops sometimes, and I can attest the recovery is noticeable versus the days you don’t take it. You will notice more energy, loss of DOMS and quicker recovery between sets. I feel this helped me reach my goal and would use it again.

It’s about 30$ for 40 servings, and I would pay it again after using this, especially with the duel fonction of intra and post I think it’s worth the money.

Taste good, mixes good and it works! What else can I say about BCAA Pro Reloaded other then If you are looking for something that will give you great recovery when you need it the most, then pic up a tub of bcaa pro and reach your goals quicker. Remember results will very as with anything you take, usually the more you put in at the gym the better supplements work in my experience.

40 Servings
Our rating:

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