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Side Effect Sports New Fat Burner Review

Side Effect Sports New Fat Burner Review

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

New fat burner by Side Effect Sports, cleverly named Fat Burner, is designed to suppress appetite and increase your energy while burning fat.
>Great Taste
>Zero Carbohydrates
>Energy Increase
>Appetite Suppressant
>Real Fuit Extracts(500mg Raspberry Ketones)
>Pure Product…No Fillers

If you go to the Side Effects Sports website you can check out the full description or at Bodybuilding.com. I have taken this supplements for a few weeks and will review it below. It is important that you realize this is not the old formula fat burner.

The taste is great, very refreshing when mixed with just water, or sometimes I use a MIO mix to add flavor, either works great and there’s no bad after taste. One of the best tasting fat burner powders out there.

Completely dissolves in my shaker cup with the exception of the raspberry ketones which settle a bit on the bottom, but just shake it well before taking a sip and you’re fine. Just mix 1 scoop in about 10oz of water.

You will notice a burst of energy from this right away, probably because it contains 200mg caffeine per serving. Energy added a positive into my routine, I would lift longer and for more reps at the gym, and one you take it in a morning it’s a good pick me up for at least 5 hours. You notice a thermogenic effect as well but it’s nothing where you will sweat bullets, but you will notice your body temperature rise. I felt focused as well while taking this product, almost as if it were a pre-workout supplement. Another great plus for this fat burner is that you rarely feel hungry, so make sure you force yourself to eat on time and get the proper nutrition, otherwise you may damage your overall health. I lost about ten pound on this supplement over a months period, but I was on a strict diet and did plenty HIIT.

About 30$ for 32 servings, this isn’t bad for a quality fat burner as this one is. Shop around I have not seen it much cheaper then 28$ a tub.

It is one the only drink mix Fat Burners I have seen and that really helps with appetite suppression. Still tastes awesome with 0 calories and after looking around, it gives you a complete serving of Raspberry Ketones. You will lose weight , and look leaner with fuller muscles, what else can you ask for. I would recommend this to those looking to lean up and loose few extra pounds.

32 Servings
Our rating:

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