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Stimutant Fat Burner By Mutant Review

Stimutant Fat Burner By Mutant Review

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

Stimutant Fat Burner is the latest supplement released by Mutant. It looks to be a good fat burner on paper and if you believe the hype in the company write up. It is a proprietary blend containing a good amount of caffeine and yohimbe, served in liquid capsules.

Well if you read the whole description of the product on bodybuilding.com, you will see that they claim the product will peel you to the bone and keep you cranked up longer. That’s all good and well, but does it really work? So we had a tester give it a run for about a month now, and his review we will feature below.

Thing about fat burners, there is never one that will work without hard work and change of diet, you can kill yourself searching the web, they can promise you the world, but without you actually dedicating yourself to a goal you might as well through your money away, as most fat burners are expensive. Stimutant is a two capsules a day type of fat burner, that usually brings the value down based on price.

Like mentioned above, it is a two a day type of supplement, I would recommend taking one pre workout to start and see about taking one after. This fat burner is potent, has lots of caffeine and ingredients that will keep you awake that’s for sure. If you have low tolerance for stimulants, then this probably wont be for you. It does have a little bit of an after taste, kind of synthetic, I can’t really explain the taste, I guess you can compare it to regular medicine capsules. It’s nothing bad, just noticeable from time to time.

When I started taking Stimutant Fat burner, I had one goal in mind, to lose 10lbs. I was at 195 when I started, fairly cut, but I wanted to feature my abs a bit. I got to give Stimutant credit for kicking in fast at the gym, you get energy and focus, and it’s very noticeable. I did get jittery with this, felt kind of a tingle from time to time, but I expected it with all the caffeine and yohimbe in this fat burner. I took this along with a pre workout supplement, so my energy was through the roof, I has awesome workouts, not fatigued, I could push more reps, and it would transition over to cardio, and then some. I still have about 10 days worth of Stimutant fat burner capsules, and so far I have lost 6lbs, and am looking leaner, and more defined. I think this can be attributed to the new mutant fat burner and my hard work haha.

As it’s mentioned above, most fat burners are pricey, and stimutant isn’t any different. You can get 90 capsules for 40$. I would recommend getting it if your budget permits.

I feel the new Stimutant Fat Burner is a solid product overall, you will notice it working. Only thing is the price and the cracked out feeling you get, but that will be different from person to person. If you are looking for a strong fat burner to compliment your hard work at the gym, then you should definitely five Stimutant a try. I was pleased with results so far and will continue using this product when I need to. I think over time this will become a favorite amongst users, but for now there are few reviews, due to it being so new.

90 Liquid Capsules
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