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Top New Supplements Released 2016-Newest Supps

Top New Supplements Released 2016-Newest Supps

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

Supplement game is evolving everyday, and as much as we love our favorite supplement, we are always on the lookout for the new best supplement out there. In 2016 as in pretty much every year, companies are emerging, and existing companies are evolving their products and coming out with new supplements.

Big thing for most people is spending money to buy a new protein powder or a pre workout and then not like it. We follow the newest supplements coming out each year and try to get our hands on samples to review. This year we have what we feel are the top new supplements for bodybuilding that were released in 2016. We have created the list of a mix of different supplements, from fat burners, whey proteins, n.o boosters to multivitamins.

Below we will have our list of the new supplement products we trust out of the newest batch off supplements in 2016. We feel confident that by using these products you will get positive return on your money.

2016 Newest Supplement List- Top Newest.

Multivitamin, Animal Pak Powder Universal Nutrition Animal Pak Powder
If you have been working out for a while then Universal Nutrition is not news to you. One thing that comes to mind when thinking about Animal pak multivitamin is the huge pills! Right? I remember having to down 11 pills before training and it was torture. Non the less it is one of the multivitamins that has stood out for years and it’s worth the struggle. Well the struggle is over my friend as the powder Animal Pak is here! It has the same effect, comes in few flavors and I for one am relieved to not be taking huge pack of pills anymore. The flavors can be a little strong as with many powder drinks but I got used to it. Love the orange flavor. Price is the same as the pills for 22 servings, with couple cents off here and there depending where you buy.

Product DetailsCellucor C4 50x
This pre workout supplement has been talked about for a while and when it did hit the market, the reviews were mixed. Cellucor C4 is already a great pre workout booster, there is rush you get from it is rarely matched. So the 50% more of the dosage in the blend is where the name comes from, and you do feel it. Lets not get crazy and think the C4 50x will make you fly but it does feel strong, even for somebody used to the original C4 like myself. In my opinion you can take half the serving of this thing and you will be pumped, also it’ll help save money as it is pricey. Things that work usually have a price tag which everybody knows. Its one of the front runners as far as competition goes in the pre workout supplement category. I liked the watermelon flavor personally.

Product DetailsMTS Nutrition Machine Whey
Flavors, flavors,flavors! If you like a very good whey protein then this is the company for you! They just announced it’s 20th flavor. MTS Nutrition Machine Whey is to provide a high-quality whey protein blend that while providing the benefits of a full-spectrum Whey Protein Concentrate, also had lower carbohydrate and fat to fit into any diet and training program.As far as protein powders go this is a very solid, take on all comers, 25 grams of protein per serving beast. You can pick from so many protein supplement options these days, but as some of you may know not all are built the same. Some are in court for amino spiking, and basically stealing from good people. I like the product, its about 70 cents per serving and label is pretty clear. You feel full, no stomach aches or much gas for me, I think it’s like a ice cream shake.

Product DetailsBSN N.O Explode XE Edge
Ohhh N.O Explode my old friend! My first interaction with supplements long time ago was a blind purchase of something called N.O Explode for pre workout energy. Well I have been a fan for years and the new 100% transparent look is great. Comes in five flavors, my choice was cherry lime, little tart but I liked it. First time I took it I felt a bit jittery but I’m used to it now. Little bit of after taste, but I like the flavor so it doesn’t bother me at all. The product has been out for a bit and there are some mixed reviews but more positive then not. I say its worth the money. Give it a try, especially if you tried the old formula, get that tunnel vision!

Product DetailsSyntha 6 Edge-BSN
I have used the old Syntha 6 by BSN on and off for a few years. I like it, had great flavor, filling and packed with the protein and amino acid. Now imagine a low carb Syntha 6 and you get the Syntha 6 Edge. I took this for my after workout shake and really enjoyed the Peanut Butter flavor. 24 grams of protein per serving is great, along with 11g of essential amino acids, lower calories makes it an easy choice as far as post workout supplements go for me. If you have been using original product you are fine, only reason to buy this one is if you want little more protein and less calories and carbs. Looking at less then a dollar per serving its not a bad deal for lean protein supplements category.

Product DetailsRSP Nutrition QuadraLean Black Label
I use the original Quadralean fat burner on the regular, of course I was going to try the new thermogenic from RSP Nutrition. It’s a a great morning time product, as most know the the thermogenic supplements can be jittery, not this one. I love the focus it gives me, as well as the energy boost. I still take my original Quadralean at night. I am fine with the price as well, 60 servings about 35 bucks is not bad as far as I go. I feel if you are consistent with your workouts this fat burner will help you get lean or whatever your goals are. Give it a try you wont regret it, the product is new but the feedback has been great.

Product DetailsPro Supps Mr. Hyde Cutz
Pro Supps supplements does not fool around with their products, and there’s no surprise here with the Mr. Hyde Cutz. If you have ever taken the Mr. Hyde pre workout then you know how potent it is, and this new fat burner from Pro Supps is basically a fat burner that can be a pre workout supplement. I used it with my morning workout and you can really feel it kick in, very focused feeling comes over you, you suddenly have this energy to take on a 2 hour training session with pleasure. It’s a very easy mixing and pleasant tasting supplement as well, at least blue razz is. No creatine at all, but you find your typical fat burning ingredients like CLA, L Carnitine and Capsicum, as well as 25mg of Theacrine for longer lasting energy. Overall I feel it’s a great fat burner that you can feel working, with a dollar per serving price tag.

Product DetailsANS Performance N-MASS-Weight Gainer
You know picking a mass gainer is tricky, where you can close your eye and pull a name out of the hat and get a product similar to all the others. With that being said the results may not be so similar, you may get big or bloated, those are the risks. When it comes to new weight gain supplements N-Mass is leading the pack with a great blend giving you 1300 calories per serving, along with 55g of protein, 32g of BCAA’s,EAA’s and glutamine. They throw in 3g of creatine to support strength, with a blend of healthy fats and carbs. Taking N-mass weight gainer has been a pleasant experience for me, because I have a blender haha, no but seriously use a blender as you need to mix 4 scoops to a smooth consistency. No bloating, I felt great after drinking it, very filling and great taste. If you are looking to build mass and not just pack on lbs, then this is the weight gainer for you. Get the big 15lb bag and enjoy.

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