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TSNs New L-Carnitine Plus African Mango Review

TSNs New L-Carnitine Plus African Mango Review

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

Top Secret Nutrition has been making a lot of noise this summer with a list of supplement releases. One of the most recent ones is the weight loss and appetite support L-Carnitine Plus with African Mango capsules. If you aren’t sure what L-Carnitine is, it’s basically an amino acid that metabolizes fat, and the studies are proving it plays a role in appetite suppression.

As for the African Mango, it grows on Irvingia Gabonensis tree in east Africa, and is becoming more and more popular in lipid level support and appetite suppression. It is also been shown to slow down absorption of carbs, making it ideal for individuals looking to loose serious weight.

L-Carnitine Plus African Mango is basically two of these ingredients at 750mgs each, as well as Hypromellose, Magnesium Stearate, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Silicon Dioxide. It’s pretty simple but there’s enough of it to be effective. You should take it early in the morning before food and then pre-workout, it’s easy 2 capsule dosing twice a day.

We have been getting plenty of TSN reviews from our testers and we are pleased to add this products, as most of them seem to be really good. TSN is making a statement this summer and we should all be excited for things to come from them. Ok the review from one of our testers is listed below, he only took one container, but he had enough to say about it to form a review.


I just wanted to cut a few pounds and figured giving a new product a try , and I am a fan of TSN and have tried their new Pump Igniter as well. The L Carnitine Plus with African Mango isn’t a fat burner you will feel, like some stimulant based ones. There is a little boost in energy when I take it in the morning, but mainly this stuff just makes you stop eating and feeling hungry. I noticed it the first day, I really had to force myself to eat, actually I took lean protein shakes. After the week or so I lost like 5 lbs, and looked leaner over all. I think it’s effective with a set low calorie diet, it will keep you in check when it comes to over eating.

I took four capsules a day, you get 60 in the container for about 20$. It’s pretty good considering it’s a fat burner and most are pricey.

I think this is a great appetite suppressant and will help you get solid weigh loss if you are dedicated with a clean diet and exercise. It’s not one of those really strong products that claims to burn fat with little to no exercise, this will just do what it’s supposed to and prevent carbs from being ultra absorbed and won’t let you get hungry. Solid fat burner , give it a try.

60 Capsules
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