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Universal Nutrition Animal Stak Review

Universal Nutrition Animal Stak Review

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

Universal Nutrition Animal Stak is designed to help you get the most out of the anabolic hormones you already have pumping throughout your body. Essentially the aim of any serious training program is to promote muscle tissue growth by increasing the body’s natural production of anabolic hormones, while at the same time, decreasing the production of unwanted catabolic hormones. This is what we call the anabolic advantage. In short, this means more muscle growth and less muscle breakdown. This is where Animal Stak comes in. It contains ingredients that have been shown to increase and support both testosterone and growth hormone levels and output. It also contains an effective complex of anti-estrogenic ingredients, cortisol blockers, vasolidators, DHT blockers, and liver detoxification ingredients. Many would consider animal stak an ideal choice for a post cycle therapy regimen. I personally agree, but of course it should only be part of the regimen not the only thing.

The pills within the pack are virtually tasteless and I didn’t experience any bad aftertaste or burps following the dosage.

Lots of pills as usual with universal. You either don’t mind it or it drives you crazy.

Animal stak is a very effective test booster. I niticed it within few days I felt more aggresive and just wanted to get stuff done. You get and energy increase from it, you just want to lift and train as hard as you can, I felt like it motivated me. And the sex drive boost was noticeable as well.

You either like it and pay the 25$ for 3 week supply or you gowith something cheaper and don’t get the result, in my opinion it’s worth the cash.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone. I did not start seeing any significant differences until the middle of the second week, but this product is super easy to take. Take forty-five minutes before the gym, pop on some workout music and hit it hard.

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