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Users Guide To Nitric Oxide

Users Guide To Nitric Oxide

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

Nitric Oxide or NO is a gas produced by the body from the amino acid Arginine. It’s a cell signaling molecule that controls nutrient delivery, and initiates hemodilation, which is the widening of blood channels. Nitric Oxide enhances the “PUMP” sensation we get from exercising, this is referred to as cell expansion.
Enhancing the pump is important so nutrients can be delivered faster and waste products are removed faster, allowing for faster recovery between sets and between workouts and ultimately better workout performance because you’re getting fuel to your muscles faster. Nitric oxide booster products utilize the protein amino acid L-Arginine to promote the production of nitric oxide in your body.no regulation

How Do I Benefit from NO?

More arterial blood flow to your muscles means more nutrient and oxygen rich blood can get to your fatigued muscles. It can help supply more of what you need to repair and replenish your muscles. It can help move in the good stuff, and move out the bad stuff like metabolic wastes and lactic acid from the taxing work you do while training. Essentially, anyone actively training can find a use for this product. Nitric oxide booster products are formulated to support your performance and recovery as close to and during your training in order to help your body be efficient as possible at the most important times. NO is tied into cell volumization or cell expansion.

-Cell Volumization- is a popular term referring to the hydration state of the cell. The volume of fluid within the cell has been shown to help regulate a number of physiological processes. Basically decreases protein breakdown while stimulating protein synthesis.

The increased blood flow to your muscles creates a feeling of fullness in them. The more blood flowing to the muscle, the better the pump you will have. Nitric oxide also stimulates glucose transport and metabolism into skeletal muscle. This is, in all honesty, one of those products you either love or hate. The single best way to determine how well it works is to buy a quality product and test it out. Trust me, you will know if it works! This is one of the few supplements you can actually feel working. Typically within a few days of use. Does it work for everyone? No, probably not. Will it work for most people? Yes, it will.

Nitric Oxide Supplements & Dosage

There are so many products and product categories from this one nutrient it’s hard to know where to start. One of the biggest categories is the pre-workout drink , with products such as NO-Xplode,Craze, Assualt and so on. These are the drinks that typically contain a lot of caffeine for training energy as well as aminos in different combinations and several nutrients that support cell expansion along with NO. There are a few pre workout drinks that are caffeine free but you won’t find many trust me. Nitric Oxide also comes alone by itself as a tablet of capsule, or with other nutrients that enhance the effects of NO. A great example of this would be Nitrix from BSN company, which is one of the top products on the market. There are so many choices that careful label reading is a must, as well as consulting a doctor.
As for when to take it,will depend on the type of product. Pre-workout drinks are taken pre-workout. Adjust the dosage to your tolerance of caffeine for best results and realize that if you overuse the product you will not get the same energy boost. Our bodies have a great ability to build up tolerance, especially for caffeine which is found in almost everything these days. Standard NO caps and tabs are taken 3 times a day on an empty stomach, if you stack it with creatine you will see better results, try to wait at least 4-5 hours in between taking the capsules.

Dosage should be as directed on the label, and I would still consult a doctor because not everybody reacts the same way. One thing with the standard Nitric Oxide products, you will be advised to take 3-4 at a time.That can be costly so I would consider that when making your buying decision. Below we have listed few popular nitric oxide supplements selling on the market today.


assaultMuscle Pharm Assault
ASSAULT is the Athlete’s Choice in performance boosting pre-workout power
Stay focused and blasting from the start to the very last set
Lean muscle mass/decrease body fat
Energy/Intensity without the crash
Superior Ingredients, Super Results
Our rating:

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c4 extremeCellucor C4TM Extreme
Pre-Workout w/ NO3 – Highly Explosive Energy
Explosive Workouts
NO3 Pump Technology
Rapid Absorption System
Contains Creatine Nitrate
Our rating:

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craze pre workoutCraze – Performance Fuel
Insane Focus
Incredible Mental Stimulation
Small Serving Size
Crazy Energy
No Crash
Our rating:

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n.o explodeBSN Noxplode 2.0
BSN’s most powerful pre-workout formula ever
Supports nitric oxide production, muscle fullness, pumps and vascularity
Beta-alanine for muscular endurance,resistance to muscular fatigue
Supports fat burning, energy, mental focus and alertness
Combine with NITRIX and CELLMASS for muscle growth support
Our rating:

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nitrixBSN Nitrix Advanced 180 Tabs
BSN’s time tested sustained release nitric oxide formula
Supports muscle fullness, vascularity and pumps
Contains 3 nitric oxide promoters
Contains beta-alanine for endurance and anti-fatigue support
Combine with N.O.-XPLODE 2.0 and CELLMASS for muscle growth support
Our rating:

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presurgePreSurge Unleashed
Supports Nitric Oxide Synthesis & Vascularity with patented GlycoCarn.
Promote Blood flow bringing on Muscle Fullness & Hardness.
Specifically Designed to Prime & Sensitize Your Muscles for The Anabolic Flood of Muscle Building Peptides & Amino-Acids brought about from our Intra-Workout IntrAbolic.
Our rating:

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superpump maxGaspari Nutrition SuperPump MAX
Increases Endurance Capacity
Fights Muscle Soreness and Fatigue
Enhances Nitric Oxide Levels and Vasodilation
Improves Amino Acid Utilization

Our rating:

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beast mode pre workoutBeast Sports Nutrition Beast Mode 9.5oz
Quick dissolve powder
Fast-acting formula
Increases energy and focus
Supports mass and strength
Pink lemonade flavor
Our rating:

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