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USP Labs  Jack3D Micro Review

USP Labs Jack3D Micro Review

(Last Updated On: 02/20/2014)

USP Labs Jack3d Micro was created as the result of years of research and testing. It is a state of the art product in pre-workout performance enhancement designed to help you reach new levels of muscle mass. USP Labs Jack3d has Micro Shot Technology, with the most powerful and exclusive ingredients that will help you to build muscle mass and work longer without becoming fatigued.

It tastes great in fruit punch flavor andmixes easily with water  to get you ready to hit the gym. Good things come in small packages so do not be fooled by the small bottle. It ‘s ultra-concentrated and packs plenty of power to rival any pre workout supplement.

We tested the old classic ‘fruit punch’ flavour and found it to be quite pleasant and easy to drink. Unlike other pre-workouts, there is no real bad aftertaste or harsh chemical taste. So all-in-all, the taste is a big winner with this product. Jack3d Micro also comes in lemon/lime.

As you might of guessed, Jack3d mixes very well, especially with the large volume of water relative to the size of the dose. A quick shake is all thats needed to mix and ‘floaty’ bits are hardly visible. People have said the spoon works just fine, I haven’t tried it that way but I believe them.

Jack3d micro works great. I got the pumps I expected and had great long lasting endurance. I never had to stack this with a separate pump product because it worked well enough on it’s own. When taking micro I felt as if I had more strength than usual which was weird because that was not what I was expecting after looking at the profile. Energy was clean and stayed with me long after my workouts. Nothing that will make you jitter however. Focus was heightened as well. I did notice some stomach aches when I first took this due to the agmatine. My body adapted after the 3rd use but this could cause a problem for people who can’t stomach that ingredient.

For 20 servings(I always took 2 scoops), the price is not bad at all. I would gladly buy this again, yet I have so many pwos sitting around I have no valid reason for ever buying one haha. You can find this for about $25 for 146g on amazon.com which is actually a great price in my opinion.

Jack3d Micro was a very solid product for me that delivered consistently at 1-2 scoops, every workout. It delivered as claimed by USP Labs, on Focus, Clean Energy and no bloat for me. Personally, I will be buying this again in the future. Not trying to tell you what to buy, but I would suggest if you have the opportunity, give it a try. Other then few stomach aches it gets no other complaints from me. It works! But as with any workout supplements it will depend on the individual. If you’re not sure always consult a doctor.

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