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Vita Freak Packs Review

Vita Freak Packs Review

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

Vita Freak Packs are engineered to provide your body with the absolute highest-quality vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients. It’s gold-standard formula is designed to optimize every aspect of health and prime your body for greater performance, muscle growth, strength and recovery.

To ensure accurate dosing of every ingredient in each Vita Freak Pack, the 10 different ingredient complexes are strategically divided into 2 white tablets, 2 green tablets, 2 red capsules, and 2 yellow tabs. Using this 4 color coding system ensures the accuracy of the ingredient dosages are maintained throughout the entire manufacturing process right up until the packs are sealed in air-tight canisters.

1 packet daily. 8 pills in total. A nice smooth coating which eased the amount to swallow a bit, but 8 pills is a lot. I never have issues with pills but some may be turned off by the amount needed. Pills are color coated 2-2-2-2, I took half pack in the AM and 4 later on in the day. Sometimes I forget to take them in the morning and took a whole pack at once. Felt the same as when splitting them.

Energy levels were great throughout. No stimulant feeling, but overall good energy and well feeling throughout the usage. I never felt exhausted, there was no yellow urine, I felt like my digestion was better, no stomach issues. Multivitamins are hard to judge but I feel compared to some I have taken this is a good one.

OUCH!!! Compared to other multi-vitamins this is way overpriced! I like this product and will most likely get it again but come on PharmaFreak lower the price. $40 for for packs? This is no better then Animal Pak or Orange Triad but it is 10$ more.

In one supplement, Vita Freak offers a solid Multi-vitamin, Multi Mineral, Amino Acid, Anti Oxidant, Immune, Digestive, detoxifying, cognitive, cardiovascular, and nutrient absorbing complex. This is great great, but then you look at the price. I would recommend trying this out, maybe just to try it. There are similar cheaper multivitamin supplements out there just as good.

30 Servings
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