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VPX Chain Drive Supplement Drink Review

VPX Chain Drive Supplement Drink Review

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

New Chain Drive Recovery drink by vpx

Chain Drive is the latest innovation from VPX that features solubilized BCAAs, which are shown to have superior bioavailability versus other types of BCAAs. This solubilization technology gives stability to BCAAs in a liquid solution, with no foam and no wasted powder at the bottom of your container. It comes in a 16oz bottle which is very convenient for busy people that do not have time to mix recovery drinks or carry around powder in cups.

It is packed with BCAAs which constitute links in a protein chain, are essential for a variety of functions, including increased muscle protein synthesis. With 10,000mg of high quality branch chain amino acids per drink, it’s enough to promote better growth and recovery. You will automatically improve your levels of protein synthesis as well as the muscle sparing effect. In addition, there is a blend of energy and electrolytes to help power your mind and body for any workout or activity ahead.

I would recommend taking this drink after your workout like maybe 15 minutes after, but it can be taken whenever. Also it versatile if you are making a protein shake for example, but I noticed that would be a little too think for my liking. I use Xtend for my intra-workout and sometimes I would just grab a chain drive bottle to substitute, and was really happy with how it performed during the workout and the energy it provided.

Chain Drive comes in two flavors(Exotic Fruit & Strawberry). I got the exotic fruit, and I gotta say it was very pleasant. Like most supplements, you can taste the sucralose, but it isn’t overly sweet. You mostly get the fruit. It taste artificially flavored, which is expected with most supplements, I didn’t mind it.

Pre-Mixed, not lumpy, just make sure you mix it well. Another thing I would keep them in the fridge for better taste at home.

Did exactly as prescribed on the bottle. Increased stamina and strength.I lifted hard and heavy and did not completely fail on my intended reps. A good night’s sleep, proper hydration, vitamins, and Chain Drive all helped me in that regard. My recovery the next day was good as well, even after leg day I wasn’t sore or tired.

It’s actually pretty pricey at about 2.50$ a 16oz bottle, which not everybody can afford. I would recommend getting it as a backup for when you run out of your other recovery supplements. It can last a long time in the fridge.

Overall I liked the Chain Drive for it’s results in the gym when I took it pre-workout and recovery wise. It is loaded with BCAAs, and improved my endurance in the gym to lift more and longer, as well as it keeps you hydrated through out the workout. I would recommend giving this a run at least for few weeks if you are bored with mixing up drinks everyday.

12/16oz Bottles
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