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Women’s Elite Pre Workout Review-ProMera Sports Supplements

Women’s Elite Pre Workout Review-ProMera Sports Supplements

(Last Updated On: 01/02/2017)

Our Review of ProMera Sports Women’s Elite Pre Workout Supplement.

In the past few years there has been more and more nutrition companies coming up with supplements designed for women. ProMera Sports is just one of many to join the club with their new Women’s Elite pre workout, which is basically a blend of Con Cret (Creatine HCL). When you take a look at the ProMera landing page for Women’s Elite pre workout it is pretty basic, with the supplement basically claiming it will do what most pre workout supplements claim; You will lose fat, build muscle, increased energy, improved recovery and of course no side effects.

Women’s Elite pre workout is in no way a unique supplement, but the dosage is fairly small and designed for the ladies, and the flavor is there as with many ProMera sports supplements. Right off the bet I was concerned with the dosage being too small and the value would not be there if I needed to add two scoops instead of one they recommend. Another concern I had with women’s elite pre workout was the water retention you get from creatine, even with such a small dosage you can notice when you retain water.

Currently if you are looking to purchase women’s elite pre workout, it is available in two flavors ( Mango and Strawberry Kiwi). Dosage wise you get a 36 serving tub that they recommend taking 1 serving with 4-6 ounces of water. It’s pretty simple, and I gave it a try for about 3 weeks, it didn’t last me amonth because I took 2 scoops from the second day on.

Got the mango flavor and it’s legit, there was no bad after taste or any medicine type taste you may get from some powdered drinks. It really does give off the flavor of a mango flavored sports drink, which was great because I do have trouble taking down some supplements.

One or two scoops, it doesn’t matter the women’s elite mixed very well, and was almost completely dissolved, but I did notice a little grain towards the end, could be I didn’t mix it enough but I usually mixed it about 15 minutes before the gym and drank it on the drive there. Good overall in this area.

I took one scoop the first day and barely noticed any effect, so the second day I started taking two and my experience is based on two scoop dosage. Women’s elite pre workout will take about half hour to kick in,and you notice you can push little more weight, get a few more reps in, and I really was getting my recovery time between sets down. One thing you got to love about this pre workout is that it’s stimulant free, so I wasn’t feeling cracked out and jittery for hours, just some clean energy and boost n strength. By the end of the tub I was leaner, I can tell I had a gained muscle but also retained a little water, nothing major but I can tell. Overall I would recommend giving women’s elite pre workout a try if you are looking for a fairly simple product that will give you results if you put the work in. I mean you can always buy just their Con Cret supplement and most likely get similar results but the women’s elite pwo does contain Capsicum and Capsimax ingredients which boost metabolism and increase fat-oxidating effects in the body. Good Stuff from what I can tell, give it a try.

The price is not really there, I paid 38$ for three week supply. I mean if one scoop does it for you then 1$ a serving isn’t to big of a hit to the wallet. Even with the price being high I think women’s elite pre workout is a solid, great tasting supplement that will work. In the end it depends on your budget.

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